SLASHED: The Ultimate Social Media & Influencer Marketing Guide by SLASHED IT by Unsah

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  • Due to huge demand, the new price has now been reduced to £55 (from the original £71.99) for the time being. I have also introduced a payment plan where you have the option to pay for the e-book with two monthly instalments of £27.50

  • This e-book is updated for FREE for lifetime. One payment, no hidden costs. It will NOT be inaccurate or outdated at any given time. You can read hundreds of 100% reviews on my Instagram (@unsahmalik) from those who have purchased the e-book, seen incredible results and have been (and I quote) 'blown away' by the level of detail.

  • This is NOT a generic or google-able course. It includes information that has never been published elsewhere, is recommended by Masters professors and students, and director-level employees working for renowned brands. This e-book includes far more than your usual social media courses by "experts". I am NOT an influencer or someone who has grown only one account — this isn't to discredit those who have, but my experience means I teach far more than the average person who goes on about hashtags, DMs and aesthetics (these points are so minor in the grand scheme of growth, by the way).

  • I take copyright infringement EXTREMELY seriously. It is very disappointing to see so-called "experts" taking my work and claiming it as their own to their audiences. My lawyer has already sent multiple Cease & Desist letters/emails which we will take to lawsuit stage if not responded with action. My work is a product of 10 years worth of work and findings. Copyright infringement includes paraphrasing my work, even if it's "just a tweet" or "just an Instagram Reel". You are 100% responsible and guilty of copy infringement when you claim my work as your own as an "expert" or "educator". 

  • I'm getting an influx of questions about who this e-book is for. Please read the information on this page properly because I've answered it many times already :) However, in brief, it's for everyone — brands, content creators, strategists, *and* influencers. I've also had Heads of departments and university students use this e-book as a resource. Every topic area necessary is covered in as much detail as possible for you to grow in your specific industry.

  • If you are buying for a team or class, email for a bulk discount rate. The disclaimer at the bottom of this page clearly states one copy per individual. 

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"This e-book taught me 10x more than the £750+ courses and event days. Finally, someone with the relevant experience teaching the right things."

✨ The most comprehensive e-book on social media + influencer marketing available.

✨ My methods are truly unique compared to what other "gurus" share. This guide has served as an educational and powerful resource for several businesses, influencers, in-house and freelance strategists, and even university students.

✨ I challenge top talent and leading brands to shift their perceptions, so don’t expect any generic information here. All of the including learnings are from years
and years of leading strategies in-house for some big names.

View my full career experience:

✨ Suitable for brands, influencers, agencies, consultants and students at ALL levels in ALL industries. Once you read, you’ll understand how and why.

✨ 370+ pages on how to grow and make money long-term on social media. This is suitable for everyone. My approach to social media growth isn't specific to one type of person or group because I don't believe this is how true, long-term growth occurs.

✨ Worth 90 of my lecture hours. Includes never-seen-before information, such as my 6SS Rule, Attention Loop and the Influencer Rate Equation (there has never been one published elsewhere... ever.)

✨ One payment. Free updates. No hidden fees. Teaches you more than those ridiculously priced courses.

✨ I answer DMs, won’t bombard your inbox with cringe sales emails, and I won’t invite you to misleading webinars. 

tell me a little bit more about you, Unsah?

I've spent 7 years leading social media + influencer marketing in-house for some of the biggest names.

I'm not an Influencer. I'm not one of those Insta-Millionaires either.

I've just sat in head offices, smashed my goals, grown brands by over 300% across all metrics, made some very good money for the brands, created influencer databases from scratch with thousands of content creators, headed big influencer campaigns, worked with some A-List names, produced some of the biggest influencer events for brands that London has seen...

...and sighed of frustration over BS 'experts' selling overpriced courses with misleading webinars I wouldn't even recommend for free. If no one inside the industry works with these so-called 'rules', why should you? 

Give the engagement groups a rest. Stop crying over algorithms. Stop going crazy over hashtags. Stop looking at engagement rates only. They're ALL the wrong things to obsess over.

Buy my gigantic e-book — 52 chapters and 370+ pages which translates to over 90 lecture hours — read thoroughly, take notes, apply, grow and make money*.

If you'd like to know more about my career background, you can search 'Unsah Malik' in LinkedIn. I've set my profile to Public for people like you to have a lil' stalk :)

*The results you will gain from applying the information from this e-book is a direct correlation of how serious you take it and how much work you put into your goal. No two results will be the identical— that's just social media (and life in general)! 

all your questions, answered.

who's this e-book for?

This is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch or if you've been in the game for some years:

1) Brands (start-up to mass)

2) Influencers (nano to macro)

3) Agencies (SMB, SME and Large)

4) Students (all)

5) Other Consultants (no minimum or maximum experience) who want to up their knowledge. 

6) Community leaders 

When you read the e-book, you'll understand why and how my rules are applicable to everyone. I'm focused on real growth as per social media because I disagree with confining yourself to one industry. 

is this e-book suitable for all industries?

Yep. Every single industry.

do you focus on specific platforms?

My self-developed rules (which are also copyrighted and exclusive to this e-book only) are made to be implemented on every platform. It doesn't matter where you want to grow. You just need to know the right knowledge to grow point blank.

Saying that, I do talk about specific platforms where need be.

i'm only an influencer / i'm only a brand, is this still useful?

Yep. Influencers and Brands should both read every chapter. You don't understand social media properly until you understand the full scope of social media. If you only think like an Influencer, you're missing out. If you only think like a Brand, you're equally missing out.

I cover Influencer Marketing for both sides – as an influencer, and as a brand too.

what about paid social?

Paid social isn't a form of organic social media growth (whether you're a brand or influencer) — it's a form of paid ads similar to Search Ads, PPC, Display Ads and so on.

However, I've still included  a step-by-step how to get started on paid social, with a heavy emphasis on Facebook/Instagram, which is suitable for beginners. 
I haven't released a contents page purely because I've had far too many people copy my work and I need to be more careful about copyright issues to protect my words and original ideas. However, I've broken down what each section covers in this IG post below. My approach to social is very unique, so the information included within each part (i.e. the specific chapters) are original and what I have implemented for big and small brands, and nano and macro influencers, alike.



There are hundreds more 5/5 reviews on how my work and knowledge has helped others on Instagram (@unsahmalik).  Refer to the 'E-Book', 'Reviews' and '& Reviews' '&& Reviews' highlights.



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You may share on Social Media for review purposes, however please blur or cover any information which is obvious to read. For example, do not screenshot large paragraph chunks someone else can easily copy. If in doubt, either direct message @unsahmalik on Instagram or email

All words are property of SLASHED IT and the author, Unsah Malik, and are subject to copyright laws. On downloading and reading this guide, you are responsible for keeping all information private for your own use only. 

Any violation of this disclaimer, including information shared on social media, will be responded with appropriate action by copyright law.

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Note: Once you purchase this e-book, the information is exposed to you immediately. Therefore, I have a no refunds policy. The bright side is that no one's ever requested a refund!